Sam Hadley

Sam Hadley vs Slumber

Sam has worked on a huge variety of projects, from advertising and packaging to publishing and editorial. Never one to get stuck in a rut, he has a variety of styles from photo-realistic work, to more illustrative painting, drawing and vector illustration.
He’s worked with clients all over the world, such as Coke, Adidas, Saachi&Saachi, GQ, Penguin, Elmwood, Variety Magazine, Taxi Studio, Carlsberg, Madison Square Garden, Aardman, Rockstar, Sony Music, The Washington Post, Mondolez, English National Opera, and many others too numerous to mention. Creating packaging, book covers, billboards, video game character design, editorials and anything else an art director can dream up. Working together with clients to achieve the best possible outcome for a project and having the flexibility to adapt if the style needs to evolve along the way.
He is an experienced and versatile illustrator who is comfortable with the most challenging of projects. From designing logos and branding, to hand-painting murals and everything in-between.

Slumber is his alias for fun personal projects and other less mainstream work. His creation, 'The SlumberBean’ is a sold-out limited edition art toy, and features in a series of limited edition illustrated prints. As Slumber he had a solo exhibition in Bristol in 2011, and has shown work in several group exhibitions from Berlin to Mexico. The SlumberBean is featured in the Pictoplasma Character Compendium, a curated book of character design and illustration.

Represented in the U.S.A. by Bernstein&Andriulli and in Europe by Debut Art.

Sam recently relocated from Bristol, England to beautiful West Cork Ireland with his wife and two young children.


Email me at for any illustration enquiries.

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